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5 Tips to Get People to Read Blog Posts Every time

Digital Marketing

Having a blog on your website is a vital part of content marketing, and plays a major role in driving traffic to your site. Leading users to your blog can be done through social media and is relatively easy. It’s getting people to stay on your blog, read your content and understand that you have provided them with value. Which will either bring them back to your site or lead them to conversion.

So how do you get people to read your blog?

I’ve been blogging for over 7 years now, and I’ve found a few tactics that have really made my blogs stand out and resonate well with readers.

My tips:

1. Get to the Point Quickly

Blog posts should be between 450-500 words. There are methods where content can be longer for SEO purposes (think skyscraper blog posts). In most cases, readers are coming to your blog to get to the point. Give them what they need within a reasonable length.

Make it Easy to Read

If you’re trying to get a reader to understand a topic specific to your industry. Write it so that someone would be able to understand if they knew nothing about the topic. Don’t go overboard with details. Make sure your reader understands what you’re talking about. Bold text to catch their attention in important areas. Use H2 tags to separate content. Doing this will make your content much easier to follow, and keep them engaged.

Visual Appeal

Take the time to consider the images you use to support your topic. Add text layover, ensure the quality is excellent and the photo is relevant and eye pleasing. Photos are sort of like the store-front to your blog. It’s what will help draw a user in.


List work amazing. See what I’m doing right now? I’ve added a list to my blog. Why? Because it’s easy to read, it helps you get to the point and it’s something that will sit well with the reader after they finish reading your blog. Bullets and lists are much easier to remember and retain rather than an entire block of content.

Relatable Content

Fashion and beauty blogs have it made. People love reading it and because it’s lifestyle content, they relate to it. When it comes to a business, sometimes adding lifestyle appeal can be a little more difficult. Try to incorporate lifestyle into your blogs. Whether a coworker or customer is writing about a personal experience, or you’re showing the environment at the office. People enjoy reading content that strays from specific industry topics every once and a while.

You take the time to prepare well-thought posts that you think your readers will enjoy. So it’s important to structure it. In a way that will keep readers on the page and engaged with your post.


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