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5 Reasons You Need a Website Redesign Now

Digital Marketing

When was the last time you updated your website? If you’ve been checking out your competitors and noticing they have a much more user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing website compared to your own – it’s time to invest in a redesign.

It’s actually imperative to your success as a business to have a good up to date website. And if you’ve been putting it off lately, you could be missing out on new clients, conversions and quality traffic.

Here are 5 reasons to invest in a new website:

1. It’s the face of your business

Do you want your first impression to say ‘I’m stuck in the 90’s’? Or would you rather it say, ‘I’m new and innovative, and I’m ahead of everyone else’? Go with the second one, you’ll make more money. When users are making a decision and shopping around, they generally go with the business that has the most eye-appealing and user-friendly website.

2. It’s like a business card

If someone is looking for you – whether they need your contact information, or they heard about you from another source, they’ll look up your information online. Your website needs to be there for them – it needs to be found, it needs to be up to date, and it needs all the information a user wants when they find you.

3. You need to have a strategic online presence

This means the content you populated your website with YEARS ago, will no longer suffice. You need fresh strategic content, and a blog so you can keep content fresh and rank for specific keywords related to your business. Gone are the days of content that can stay on your website for 10+ years (was that EVER ok???). You need a content strategy for your website too.

4. Increased sales and prospects

Are people bouncing off your website like rubber balls? It’s probably because your website is really ugly. No offense, kind of….but, no one wants to do business with someone who is not current and using a template from 2001. When you update your website, you’ll find people will start converting more often.

5. Increased visibility

Pairing up with the idea of a strategic online presence, having an SEO and social plan in place with your website can help you get found even more and bring people to your amazing website which will help seal the deal.

So if you have been putting off your website’s redesign because you’re too busy, or because you think it’s too expensive – think about how much busier you will be and how much more money you’ll be making once you invest in the redesign. It’s a business initiative that cannot be ignored.


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