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4 Tips On How To Choose An SEO Agency

Digital Marketing

Working for an SEO agency you work with a lot of leads and like any other industry, those leads are talking to other providers looking for the best fit. I’m going to share with you my top 4 tips on how to choose an SEO agency.

Cheapest Price Isn’t Always The Best Choice

Now I’m not saying the cheapest provider isn’t the right choice for your needs but if you’re simply shopping for the cheapest service you’ll end up missing the point. What exactly do you want and need? What are your company goals? Where are you at right now and where do you want to be? How should potential customers get to you? There’s a lot of choices when it comes to SEO and digital marketing as a whole. The cheapest price may not include the services you need to get the results you want.

A Good Strategy Is A Good Idea

“I want to rank for…” is a line I hear all of the time from prospects. Ok, great, I mean sure it sounds good at its basic form. If I rank well for a keyword then I’m sure to get a lot of traffic. If I get a lot of traffic I’m sure to get my fair share of leads. If I get my fair share of leads I’ll probably close a good number of those. Umm, let’s be honest, that’s not a strategy. Some of the things we want to know – who is your target market, how do they search for what you do, how long does it take for a sale to close, etc. Once we know the details a good SEO company can strategize on the best ways to reach these goals online.

What’s Your Track Record?

I believe the track record matters. Not that I think it’s the be-all and end-all if that you must have experience in a vertical to be successful and if you don’t that you can’t be successful. More importantly, I feel you should look at the overall success of the agency, their happy clients and more. Ask questions and make sure that no matter who you decide to work with that you feel comfortable in your decision. The bottom line is you’ll be in a partnership and hopefully a long-term one at that. Like any relationship, you’ll have your differences but if you respect each other knowing it’s for the best then things can work out.

Who’s On Your Team?

I’m big on this one. Sure the agency you decide to work with may wow you and do a great job of winning you over. But who’s going to be working on your account? Let’s be honest, nothing should be outsourced, to begin with. So, let’s safely assume the work is done in-house. Based on the complexity of your account do you have the right people working for you? Are they juniors? Seniors? Is your account manager the right fit? Does she or he have experience in your industry or are they excited to learn about it? Knowing who’s going to be on your team is actually quite the important part because the right team will know how to execute the strategy. It doesn’t matter if the company has the title for worlds best, if your team isn’t up to par then your results most likely won’t be either.

If you haven’t learned enough about how to choose the right agency then give me a call and I’ll see what I can do to help you at. You can reach me at 905-943-2985 x108.


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