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3 Reasons Why You Need A Website

Digital Marketing

Mandana Rafat Director of Digital Marketing

With the rise in digital media platforms and online traffic driving channels today, I’ve often been asked do websites even matter? The simple answer is YES. If you’ve ever pondered the reasons why you need a website you are certainly in luck! I’m going to cut to the chase and break down 3 reasons why you need a website for your business.

A website builds credibility and trust

As a business today whether you are selling products or offering a service, a properly thought out and well designed website gives you credibility and trust among your customers. In fact a study by the Local Search Association reported that 30% of consumers won’t consider a business without a website. Keep in mind a website is your online presence that cannot be replaced by social media or any other platform online.

Your online marketing initiatives need to drive traffic somewhere

Your online marketing plans may include social profiles, social ads, pay-per-click ads, display ads and hopefully search engine optimization. There’s even traditional marketing tactics to drive online and vice versa. For example, retailers may include postcards in online orders with promotion codes to prompt repeat purchase.

In all the instances of promotion listed the intent is to drive all that traffic somewhere. That somewhere is your website. It’s the online hub of your business and all channels used to promote it are promoting a unified message which is seen and felt throughout your site.

Users need a place to convert

So now we know your website gives you that stamp of approval and builds trust. Moreover, we know all your marketing strategies need to drive that traffic somewhere. Most importantly that traffic needs to convert! Whether you want sales, sign ups, or leads the user journey your marketing team envisioned (and brought to life by your design team) is what is going to ensure your users take action.

You may have a social social community with plenty of engagement and eventually you have a strong brand following. Your tribe wants to buy from you, work with you, and learn from you. They need somewhere to make this happen.

A well thought out brand story and marketing plan cannot be complete without the perfect destination – your website!



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