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1 Thing Your Business Needs To Know About SEO


Jun. 27, 2014

1 thing your business needs to know about SEO?

Yes, if you’ve ever engaged in any form of SEO or have seen an email or answered a call from an SEO expert then you’ve probably heard a million different things you should know.  It’s a lot to digest in a service that comes across like it’s all just black magic. It’s not about guaranteed results, increased Page Rank, all kinds of content or a million directory submissions. Nor is it submission to the 500 search engines (wait, seriously, I’ve seen this. Ok, Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask… ummm, uhhh, 496 more to name?). Wait for it, wait for it… chemistry. Yes, chemistry is the 1 thing your business needs to know about SEO.

Chemistry With Your Agency

It’s kind of all for not if you don’t have good chemistry with your SEO agency. Both sides need to work together and you as the client need to have that chemistry with your SEO agency to be able to make things work to ultimate performance. That being said the SEO agency needs to have good chemistry with you too! Are you involved with your site or merely sitting back wanting them to do all of the work?

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Chemistry With Your Account Manager

This is the biggie. This is the person you’ll be in contact with on a pretty much daily basis. Yup, you’ll need to like them and they’ll need to like you back. But there are a few ways to maximize that chemistry. If you’re the point person on the client side what do you have in common with the AM?  Does the AM have an outside interest in what you do? Do you respect each other’s thoughts and communication efforts? Do you ultimately get along? That’s the thing. A good AM will fight for your success. They’ll work with you like they work for you. They’ll provide insight and passion for success. At the same time, you’ll want to keep up with them. They’ll give you things to do, recommendations and information to make things that much better for you and your business. Like anyone else, you may not see “eye to eye” at all times but the goal is there. Building that great chemistry is the biggest key takeaway to knowing anything about SEO. Trust me when I tell you that when you have that chemistry you will rock it with your goals.

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