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5 Reasons Your Company Needs a Logo Redesign


A logo is the essence of your business, the digital reflection of a company. As both businesses and design evolve, the logo for your company will eventually need a refresh.

Your company’s logo is often one of the first thing potential customers will notice about a company and can form a strong opinion based on it. This article will help you decide if it’s time for your company to redesign its logo. This is a process that shouldn’t be a guessing game.

Without further adieu, here are 5 reasons why your company is due for a logo redesign

1. Aged and out of style

Using an outdated logo can suggest that you do not keep up with current times. The current preference is minimalistic icons, with bold colours and a legible typeface that can be used across all digital and print platforms.

As design trends change and grow, it should be expressed through your logo and by keeping up it shows you are attentive to current trends. This also gives your company a refreshed identity so that it stays relevant and emphasizes its ability to adapt in the modern world.

A company’s logo should meet the visual expectations of its audience. It should look visually appealing, but also convey what it needs to as the face of your company.

2. Visual Complexity

Now that your company website needs to be accessible on all kinds of devices, it needs to be legible. A logo that has too many complex elements in its design may not translate well on smaller screens. The message your logo sends to potential consumers should be clear. A logo that does not hit the mark of what you are trying to communicate to your consumers can leave them confused.

3. Only file type your logo comes in is JPEG

A logo needs to be used in a wide variety of platforms and needs to be ready in multiple file types depending on where it will be used. If your logo isn’t scalable to be viewed on a variety of screen sizes, it’s time for a logo redesign.

Your logo should be available in these 5 file types:

  • .ai
  • .eps
  • .svg
  • .pdf
  • .jpeg

A folder saved online should contain all the above file types, ready for use.

4. It doesn’t reflect your brand anymore

Businesses can change over time, and if yours progresses into a different direction, your logo should reflect that.

For example, your company may be targeting a new audience. A logo may need a revamp in order for it to reflect your company and the message it wants to convey. Colours, fonts, style, need to be chosen carefully in order to accurately represent it.

A recommendation would be to do some research about how the top business’ in your company’s industry use their logo successfully. Be one step ahead of your competitors! A logo that communicates and looks better results in your target audience more likely going to choose you.

5. It’s ugly and/or no longer means something to you

Let’s be real. An ugly logo will suggest poor quality standards. It must be high quality and professional otherwise, the idea your potential consumers have of your company won’t be as positive.

It’s always a possibility that you have what you think is a good idea at first for a logo design… but then you start to work it out in application and you realize that it isn’t such a great idea and needs to be changed. Maybe you hired a designer on a budget and could not get the most unique looking logo? No matter the reason, if you no longer think your logo is a good match, it’s time for a logo redesign.

The video below by David Brier summarizes and gives one of the best descriptions I have personally heard about why branding is importantand in only 2 minutes!

Is it time for your company to have its logo redesigned? Shoot us a comment below or drop by nvision, and see how we can help!


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