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How Businesses Can Navigate Through the Impact of COVID-19

Mandana Rafat

Director of Digital Marketing


Mar. 27, 2020

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.

In the wake of government announced shutdowns globally, I’ve seen Darwin’s theory echoed in every conversation online surrounding how and which businesses will survive this global recession. Every single business is feeling the impact of COVID-19. But how do they respond?

In my nearly two decades of experience in marketing, and almost exclusively digital marketing, I can say without a doubt best practices are simply too general. I’ve worked across numerous industries, both on the client-side as well as from the agency perspective. To navigate this with rigidity fundamentally contradicts digital marketing. 


“Best practices won’t help us here.”


Make Your Business Adaptable to COVID-19how to navigate your business through covid19

As an agency, we seamlessly transitioned to remote work and none of our business operations or capabilities have been affected. On the flip side, we’ve been able to invest longer hours (fortunately!) in this very short period of time to completely revamp previously created online campaigns, communication strategies, and websites for our clients. 

We are deeply involved in our community and feel a close connection with our clients who reside right here in our backyard. But being digitally driven, our work can span globally. And the situation we are faced with is also global. I’ve been researching how various industries have been impacted across the globe and it dawned on me that I’m fortunate enough to gather empirical data, both qualitative and quantitative in nature. 

Steer The Trajectory Of Your Business To Navigate COVID-19

How to navigate your business during COVID-19

The willingness and speed of which you adapt is of paramount importance right now. Best practices won’t help us here. So let’s help each other out.

I’m dedicating up to two days a week for calls with businesses willing to share what challenges they are currently facing. I’m hoping to use the information to create resources and guides in the upcoming months that will be available for free.

Your time is valuable. I will be providing a thorough consultation during the call, and I’m happy to answer any digital marketing questions you may have. Complete the form below and I’ll connect with you to set up a time that works best for you. 

I’m looking to connect with business owners who are willing to shed some light on their biggest challenges during this time. Will you book a time with me to share your insights?

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