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Why Entrepreneur Groups Are Great Resources


I’m a believer that joining entrepreneur groups can be a great resource for not only your business but also your overall search marketing strategy. Why would I say that? It’s an opportunity to collaborate, to learn, to see how others are doing!

Time To Collaborate

When you join an entrepreneur group you’re there to feed and be fed. You may find yourself working with someone who owns a company in a whole other field but you can offer them some good insight and they can give it right back. From a Digital Marketing perspective, you can find out what these people are doing and offer your feedback and insight based on what you might be doing as well.

Imagine learning a new technique? Maybe someone tried and succeeded with Facebook ads. Or maybe someone tried out Pinterest and the results were amazing.

Time To Learn

Well, yes, this is your opportunity to learn! The fact is someone out there is doing something you’re not doing. You may have wondered why they’re gaining new business and you’re not. In many cases, these folks are taking part in some kind of Search Marketing strategy. Sure, to most people you don’t know that someone’s doing it but once you start talking to someone who is, and who’s doing it successfully, you stand a chance of learning what they’ve been up to.


See What Others Are Doing

What do I mean by that? Grab some business cards from these people and go online and check out their sites. Look at how they structure their site. Check out how they laid out their product or service pages. Look for On-Site SEO factors like title tags, H1 tags and their content. Do you see a trend? You should. Do you see something you like? The reality is following best practices for SEO is a good thing.

Stay In Touch

Once you meet some good people from these entrepreneur groups then build on that relationship and stay connected. Learn about the things they’re doing with their Search Marketing efforts. Try some out yourself and then do the right thing and pay it forward. Others will want to learn from you too if you’re showing success!

Overall you’ll probably enjoy your experiences in entrepreneur groups. It’s a great place for you to see how others who are in similar situations as you are doing things. Please call Patrick at 905-943-2985 x108.


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