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Drop the Ego and Build Your Team! for A Successful Business


Having ideas and passion are undoubtedly some of the most important attributes for running any successful business. Discounting traits like creativity and a desire to be successful would be foolish, alternatively relying solely on one’s “ideas” or “passion” would also be illogical. The hallucinations of becoming an overnight billionaire these days is wonderful; at times, that premise motivates me to get through my day. I also, however, consider myself to be an eternal “common sense” guy and know that in order to achieve success; both monetarily and personally, it takes more than just one’s passion or ideas! Surrounding yourself with other leaders with a common vision and passion will lead to much greater success.

Success is achieved by the many and not the few.

We’ve all heard countless stories of how brilliant Bill Gates is, or how incredible Jobs was, this isn’t to discount either of them as I admire the accomplishments both have achieved and have the utmost admiration. I understand that there has to be a face to the success, but those behind the scenes need as much of the accolades as those in the forefront.

Building my first website.

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away (Star Wars reference ;p) I took on the role of the designer, the developer, the sales rep, the administration and the punching bag. While working closely with my first web client, I provided them with what at the time would have been considered a pretty decent site, I had reason to celebrate and pat myself on the shoulder for a job well done, but something about the process was exhausting and didn’t seem right. The hours on the phone, meetings and loose contract terms made me wonder how people did this for a living and succeeded.

There was no way someone could build a website and have a successful business, could they? At the end of the day, I had made about $400.00 and put in around 100 hours of work, serious sweatshop wages.

The next opportunity.

I realized the request was a bit above my skill set but that wasn’t going to stop me from landing the job. Asking my buddy, now our Creative Director (@kevindoherty40) who exhibited some interest and had skills I lacked. We took the job and this time it was much more successful. We both made out having made enough money to get the latest metal CD’s, take in a night out, and pocketing a few bucks. All without exhaustion and obtaining a happy new customer! The lesson learned here was simple, bring in the experts, communicate and collaborate and success will ensue.

Over the years.

I’ve brought specialists in with a wide variety of talent from every walk of life. People with amazing design skills to simple day-to-day administration to keep the engine running. This open-minded approach has been my driver. To never shut a door or assume I can do it all myself. There’s always a much higher sense of accomplishment when clients tell me that staff at nvision did an amazing job. And that individual recognition of the people and not just the company.

It’s been much more gratifying knowing I’m working with some amazing individuals than having a massive ego or on the flip side. Being exhausted or impassionate for an industry still growing up.


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