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5 Ways to De-stress at Work

Erika Valdez



Dec. 13, 2018

It happens, we get overwhelmed from all the work that our minds slip into a burnout environment. Not sure how to loosen up? This article highlights 5 ways that can help you de-stress at work throughout your day.

1. Meditate

Breathe. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, taking a 5 minute break with some meditation and breathing exercises can help cognitive impairment. Here are some exercises you can do without leaving your desk:

  • a. Set aside 5 minutes to take a short break
  • b. Put your phone on silent, close your desktop or laptop or close your eyes
  • c. Connect with your breathing
  • d. Do a quick body scan, starting with bringing attention to your feet and guide your awareness slowly upwards, finishing with your head
  • e. Give yourself a face massage to finish up the process. With your fingertips, massage the point between your eyes, around your eyes, the areas around your ears, and loosen your jaws.

2. Exercise

Make an effort to add in some exercise throughout the day. This can be as simple as a moment to stretch your legs, a quick walk around the block or a full-on gym session during your lunch hour, moving your body can be helpful for mental stability.

3. Decorate your desk

Arranging plants or flowers on your desk will offer a calmness to your day, connecting you to nature, especially on days when you are so swamped that you cannot leave your desk. Your space can have a major effect on your attitude, so make sure that your desk area is both clean and decorated to suit your taste. Cater it to what you would find visually appealing.

4. Get troubles off your chest.

If you can’t stop overanalyzing problems A through Z, do whatever you need to do to refocus and move on. Try venting to a friend, emailing your mom, or — if it’s nothing serious — chatting with a co-worker over coffee. Connect with a friend – Socializing is one of the easiest ways to distract yourself from everyday anxieties. Try to avoid any work-related venting and stick to fun, tension-free topics instead, so as to not further fuel your stress.

5. Bringing in a snack

Rather than mindlessly munching on whatever snacks are handy, bring your favorite treat from home and take the time to relish every bite. Bonus points on it being healthy to add in extra nutrition and energy to fuel your body throughout the day.

A little stress from time to time can be a good thing as it can motivate us to push ourselves. But too much can take a toll on your emotional and physical health. An effort to stay balanced can go a long way. What are your favourite ways to de-stress and recompose? Let us know below, we’d love to hear what you have to share!

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