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About us.

Meet the team.

Our commitment to our clients

  • To provide result-driven digital marketing services
  • To be passionate about every project we take on
  • To always assign our ‘A’ team to our clients
  • To publish only the best work without cutting corners

None of this would be possible if we didn’t have a team that delivered and diverse clients to deliver for!

Check out the crew below and you be the judge!

Who are we?

what we stand for

nvision Solutions is based out of the Greater Toronto Area

Part of nvision’s secret sauce is that we’re comprised of award winning creative designers, developers and search marketing wizards with an uncanny passion for digital excellence. We also think like the big agencies, but we’re agile like ninjas in the night!

Over the last 15+ years, nvision has had the pleasure of working with international brands, startups and all the fun companies in between. When we first started, our goal was simple; illustrate that there could be a marriage between amazing design and sound technology.

It was not uncommon to see a beautiful website that seemed to have been coded by a chimpanzee. On the flip side, having a paper bag ready was mandatory when checking out most backend solutions. We setup to change all of that, and we did! No more form without function, and function without form!

A little sample of who we aren’t

  • We’re not a traditional agency focusing on conventional forms of media
  • We’re not about cutting corners, being “YES” men and women
  • And we’re certainly not afraid of a challenge!


Meet the team.

the people behind nvision solutions
  • george-headshot

    George Arabian

    Business Development

    2014 Business Person of the Year under 40 Award Winner. + 4 kids + Star Wars

  • Kevin Doherty's headshot

    Kevin Doherty

    Creative Director / Designer / Developer

    From designer to front end developer and back. Big fan of craft beer, tunes and my 2 shih tzu’s; Riley + Ragan.

  • dave headshot

    Dave Kramer

    Senior Lead Designer / Marketing Strategist

    Sometimes I’ll stay up late watching YouTube vids, even on a school night! Oh, and I built this city on rock and roll.

  • Nathan Marks

    Nathan Marks

    Lead Developer

    Import from across the pond. Loves front-end web development, beer and Manchester United. Requires coffee to function.

  • Matthew Phillips

    Project Coordinator

    Music maker, curmudgeon for consistency. Raised by wolves and often found in the woods. As a redhead, doesn't understand humour.

  • vitaliy headshot

    Vitaliy Semerenko

    SEO Specialist

    I am a highly energetic individual that wants to put a smile on people's faces... Sometimes a bit too energetic. I enjoy working out, doing the best I can for my clients and getting good results through various digital marketing streams.

  • Erika's Bio Headshot

    Erika Valdez


    From Co-op Student to Junior Designer. Now officially part of the nvision team and hungry to learn.

  • stephen headshot

    Stephen Da Cambra

    Copywriter / Social Media Marketing

    Always happy to answer any questions about copywriting, content and social media.

  • Caitlin Melvin

    Social Media Strategist

    My teachers in elementary school told my parents I was a social butterfly who talked too much. So I made social my career and showed them. I like typical girl stuff: drinking beer, watching sports and working out. All while wearing heels...except at the gym. I usually wear running shoes there.