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Search Engine Optimization.

Are people having trouble finding your website?

What good is having a website if no one can find it? With billions of web pages in existence, you can’t expect people to stumble across your site. So what do you do? Starting with our analysis and research, our SEO experts will guide and improve your search ranking with the major search engines including: Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and many more.

Search Engine Optimization

Enjoy the advantages


Recently SEO has undergone major changes. No longer is the focus solely on finding keywords, building links and getting high rankings on core keywords. With algorithms constantly changing and search engine introducing penguins, pandas and hummingbirds… Oh my, into the mix… the scope of search engine optimization has had to undergo a major shift.

The reality is SEO is now the culmination of optimizing a lot of organic opportunities and doing it really well! It’s about being strategic in your social media platforms. It’s about proving to Google that you are as good as you believe you are. And it’s about building up your credibility.

We don’t work to trick Google or put our client’s sites in a position to be penalized. A good SEO company focuses on a long term initiative strategically designed to generate quality traffic, improve leads and build a more authoritative site in your industry.

How we do this?

Our goal is to reach and exceed your goals. Our SEO experts sit with you to analyse your business and understand your goals. We want to learn about everything your business does and wants to do. From there we put together a customized strategy to reach them. It’s about asking questions, visiting your location and getting the full scope of who you are.

We’re clear about the strategies we want to employ, the costs associated with each, and the timelines we expect to get things done. Transparency is important to us, playing games isn’t.

This means that we now become an extension of your business. Everything we do is in-house to allow us the control needed for all the detail work.


  • Keyword research + consultation
  • Site content consultation
  • URL registration with top search engines
  • Increase critical traffic to your site
  • Goal conversion
  • Much, much more

What we have to offer?

We know that any one strategy won’t reach your goals. It takes a full suite to be able to get the job done. Here’s a look at some of the strategies we employ:

Website design and functionality assessment: Does your website do what it’s supposed to do? Can it handle the visits we intend to bring? Does it convert well?
Keyword Research: We take a deep dive into the abyss of all potential keywords that can drive quality traffic to your site. We look for the quick wins and the long term opportunities.
On-Page Report: We put together a comprehensive on-page report that will allow Google the right opportunities to read the most important pages of your site. It’s basic stuff that any good SEO company would know but it’s also the kind of stuff that needs to get done.
SEO Audit: Why? We want to know how healthy your site is when we take it over and every six months thereafter.. If anything needs to be fixed we want to stay ahead of it.
Heat-Mapping: This stuff is awesome! Analytics can only tell us so much. Heat-Mapping is a standard for all clients. We can see where the hotspots are on your site, where people are clicking and more. We can then make data-driven recommendations that will improve actions on your site.
Goal Tracking: A no-brainer with us! We set up various goals as needed on your site. We’re here to drive actions so we set up Goal Tracking to do just that. We’ll work with you to decide where and what we need to track.
Call Tracking: You want your phone to ring and so do we. But we also want to help not only prove we’re getting the phone to ring we also want to help you improve your call activity and improve your lead closing.

Why you need to work with nvision:

We always like to ask our clients what their market differentiator might be. Here’s our take on us:
We take it personally. We’re invested in your business because we want to see you succeed. When you succeed logic would tell us, we succeed! We’re small, nimble and super dynamic. Since this industry changes so much and so fast we need to do the same. We’re also truly staffed by seasoned vets. You’re not working with junior staff nor are you getting passed around to different people. We have an award-winning web design team because we know that the look and feel of your site plays a huge role in it’s success. We don’t just spit out monthly reports and talk over a cup of coffee. We walk you through the data so you better understand what’s going on along with recommendations to consistently improve. If we find something that means a better return on your investment, then you’re going to know, and if you’re super nice to us, you’re going to get it!

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