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Back in Black (Red, Actually) Working With nvision Again!

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Dave Kramer Job Title

Hi. My name is Dave Kramer. I’m the new Senior Lead Designer and Marketing Strategist at nvision. I’m also one of two new kids in town … well, kind of. You see, I have a bit of a history with nvision. One that goes back a few years and contains a few defining events. It’s those events which have led me to where I am today. Back in black (red, actually).

As a freelance web designer/developer, I first started working with nvision (@georgearabian & @kevindoherty40) back in early 2011. I think I created some web banners for the old nvision website. Soon after this initial “test” was complete, the opportunity to take on a few web projects presented itself. And a few became a few more and after about a year of working with them. A Canada Post strike, the Leafs missing the playoffs again, and one Getty Images letter – long story. Buy me a beer sometime and I’ll tell you about it. I accepted a full-time employment offer with nvision. As much as I enjoyed working 18 hours a day in my basement office. Waiting for client cheques to appear in the mail and trying to find new and exciting work as a freelance designer. I decided to step back into working as part of a team, full-time.

After working with nvision for a couple of years, one freelance and one full-time. I was unexpectedly approached by an agency. Looking to solidify their digital department with an experienced leader. After much deliberation and a couple sleepless nights, I chose to accept this position and leave nvision. One of the hardest decisions I have made to date, especially since I would be leaving some true friends and a company that treated me with nothing but respect. It didn’t take long, even though the new gig was pretty sweet. To find my way back to nvision. 255 days to be exact. It started with a Skype message from George, which led to a phone call that resulted in an email. Which led to a lunch that resulted in a newly signed contract with an old friend. Back in black (red, actually).

This time around, my role with nvision is a little different. While I’m still focusing mainly on design and development, the role also is one of commitment and true opportunity. In the new year, we’ll begin to look for both office and market space in a very competitive market, London, ON. In my new role, I will be relied upon to run with the area sales, client relations, and of course, design and development for the London area. You might think that’s a lot of hats to wear and you’d be right, but with the support and expertise of the entire nvision crew, I am confident that I and Nvision will make our mark in this competitive and capable market.

I’m lucky and excited to be back with a company that is seriously dripping with talent, a dream team of sorts (stole that from @georgearabian). So here’s to a year of limitless possibilities and the inevitable alien abduction(s) that our shenanigans are sure to lead to.

Rock on.


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