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Digital Marketing for
businesses during COVID-19

Be Proactive in a
Reactive Time

COVID-19 is a global crisis that is impacting businesses worldwide at
varying degrees, for an undetermined length of time, industry by industry
and business by business.

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Through conversations and consulting with businesses we’ve been customizing our digital marketing services model to accommodate what is needed now.

With a focus on 2 New Service Plans to mitigate the most urgent and new business that have emerged from COVID-19.

01Crisis Marketing Plan

$750 one time investment

Before making any drastic business decisions we work with you to identify the impact to your business and outline the short, medium and long term marketing objectives and outline the specifics required for each time frame.

Before committing to the consultation and plan you can reach out to us and complete the initial questionnaire for an early evaluation.

Once we move forward there is a virtual interview to start the process.

The Crisis Management Plan as a report and will be presented through a virtual meeting.

Start Now

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We’ve quickly dedicated a
set of resources readily
available and updated

02 Flexible Digital Marketing Continuity Plan

Many companies have unfortunately made the decision to temporarily lay-off marketing staff based on immediate impact on profitability & cash flow which varies from business to business.

With the uncertainty ahead, marketing efforts still need to be maintained at a lower overhead cost until there is more economic stability. Your readiness to market cannot wait until the last minute.

As a hybrid agency, strategy has always been at the forefront. While this is still very relevant we fully understand and identify the need to focus on cost savings and help carry over digital marketing functions at this immediate point in time.

This monthly retainer will be assigned a Project Manager and will be your point of contact and coordinate the execution of the in scope requests.

We will need to evaluate web and other campaign platforms. Managed services hours rang from 10 to 20 based on your desired ongoing requirements

The Digital Marketing Retainer is a new
service dedicated to executing online
marketing requests. You will have access to
the following expertise:

  • Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • Content Marketing
  • Paid Advertising Management (media spend is not included)
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Analytics & Insights
  • Digital design (banners & other onsite creative)
  • Website updates (development capabilities in house)

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