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New in Basecamp – Attach Files to to-dos

Kevin Doherty

Creative Director


Oct. 10, 2014

At nvision, we have tried many different project management applications. Most felt too cumbersome or required way too much administration. Actually ended up being a full-time job in itself to manage and maintain.

We finally gave Basecamp a whirl and immediately felt at home. They took the smart approach by trimming a lot of fat. Most of their competitors felt the more features the better the value. Where Basecamp really understood that the more features, the more clutter, and weight to carry.

Over the past year or so that we’ve been using it, we’ve since some progressive tweaks to their feature set which are really making our lives that much easier when managing tasks and to-dos for a given project. Today, they have released one of those features which may seem small and trivial but is a huge boost:

Attach files to to-dos

What is a “to-do”?

In Basecamp a “to-do” is simply a task you can draft and assign to a given team member, leave comments, set a due date AND NOW Attach a file! Previously to facilitate this we would embed files inline their comment editor which has worked just fine but never felt like the “right” way to go about things. This makes it really easy for us especially when sending content to our web development team, our digital marketing team, or over to our team working on social media marketing. 


attach-files drag-and-drop

If you’re a fellow Basecamper, I’m sure you’ll appreciate how the small things make the biggest difference… This is one of those things 🙂

Credits: Images courtesy of Basecamp and their official announcement which can be found here.

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