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How to Handle Negative (Negative/Fake) Comments Online


Mar. 29, 2021

If you’re online or on social media, you have probably been met with trolls. Unfortunately, there are people who make it their life mission to bring down others who are actually making something of themselves. The people behind these put-downs are often deeply insecure or extremely bored.

Of course, you are human, so it is natural that these sorts of comments would upset you, but don’t let them. You’re likely tempted to retaliate immediately, why would you not, they’re coming after you and your business, but that will do nothing except drain your time and energy. In the end, whatever these people are saying is not a reflection of you as a person, and their words are not yours to carry. Take a deep breath and read on.


If you are feeling extremely reactive, it’s very important to distance yourself from the situation before you respond. Grab a quick lunch, take a walk, or simply log out of your email account or off of social platform until you’re feeling less emotional. Then, you can go about your day without feeling bogged down by another person’s negativity.


While it’s tempting to exact your revenge on these ‘haters’, it’s completely unnecessary to do. Ignoring the comments is much more professional, and it empowers you as someone who is cool, calm, and collected. You can instead spend your time earning money or learning something new instead of lowering yourself to the other person’s level.


When other people target our insecurities, it can be difficult for us to remain confident. It’s important to be kind to yourself when this sort of situation occurs. You are smart, intelligent, ambitious, and successful, and nothing anyone else says can change that. You may want to watch an inspiring documentary after having such an intense day so that you can keep yourself in a positive headspace.


Most of us act more impulsively when we are frustrated. The first thing you should do is take a deep breath and ground yourself. You may want to get some more tea or coffee before you continue working. If you start feeling hurt, sad, or angry, remember that these negative comments have absolutely nothing to do with you.

Usually, people who make a point of trying to make others feel less intelligent are extremely insecure about their own IQ. Similarly, most people who are constantly criticizing others break down crying the minute anyone gives them a bit of their own medicine. In short, their negative comments and bad mood are about where they’re at in their life, not about you.


Exercise, eat a healthy meal, or a not healthy meal, my go-to is chips, rarely but it happens.  This might be a good time to engage in a slightly longer meditation session or go to bed a bit earlier if you need to. The better you feel, the more resilient you will be when you are forced to handle rude comments online.


Your time is incredibly valuable, particularly if you are running a business. Instead of wasting precious minutes responding to trolls, you can make use of your day by working on a professional project. I can tell you right now that the critics aren’t going to change their minds, no matter what you say.


It is only human to start ruminating about unkind words that others have said to us, but this does nothing for our wellbeing or our productivity. Perhaps it’s time to go to the bathroom and splash some cold water on your face or grab another cup of coffee if this has happened to you. Doing so will help you reset and move your body for a minute or two before getting back to work so that you can focus on what actually matters.

All of us hate it when other people judge us. No one wants to receive mean comments about themselves or their business, and people are so nonchalant about being hateful these days. Unfortunately, it can be extremely painful to be on the receiving end of such a situation. It’s essential to remember that, at the end of the day, those unkind words from unhappy people are simply not yours to carry.


These clients are eager to do business with you and they’ll be well worth your while. It’s essential to filter through all the noise in order to get to these gems.

Chances are that they’ll be quite nice and polite, but if they’re unsatisfied with something, they may become unhappy. This is the only situation in which you should respond to negative feedback.

If someone’s words towards you are heated and condescending, you will first want to take a step back. This will help you cool down before you respond. If you’re feeling too emotional to answer, simply send them a message which promptly states that you have received their correspondence, and you will respond shortly. It might even be a good idea to have such a statement pre-prepared.

When you are ready to answer them, you’ll want to do so in a kind, compassionate, and accountable manner. Let them know that you’re sorry they’ve had a bad experience, that wasn’t your intention at all, and you’ll work on improving your customer service. If any statement can transform disgruntled customers into happy clients, this one can.

Unfortunately, having to deal with mean comments is all too common online these days, and they’re often geared towards successful people who run successful businesses. Maybe people are just jealous, bored, or are simply having a bad day, but it’s important to remember that all you can do is continue to improve yourself and your company. It’s essential to have thick skin and not let these trolls bring you down.  After all, bullies are usually deeply insecure people who secretly yearn for someone to be kind to them. Feel free to give me a shout anytime, contact me at

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