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Acquiring New Clients In the Wake of Event Cancellations

Mandana Rafat

Director of Digital Marketing


Mar. 24, 2020

Many B2B companies depend on industry-wide trade shows and conferences. With the cancellation of large gatherings and events amidst the recent COVID-19 global outbreaks, this will inevitably pose a threat to many businesses that depend on these events. It’s time to take your B2B marketing off the floor, and on to digital.

Shift Your B2B Focus To Online

As a B2B company that depends on these industry events, you’re likely in an unfamiliar situation. While your services may still be needed, you no longer have a means of connecting with prospective clients. But keep in mind, your prospective clients also don’t have the traditional means of connecting with you. While they likely still need your services, the marketing engine that drove your client acquisition strategy has to change. 

The ability to adapt is necessary for businesses to withstand the challenges ahead. As consumers, we’ve already started adapting how we source and transact as well. This is inevitable. Your customers are likely looking for you online.

Digital Marketing For Your B2B

Is your B2B affected by event cancellations? Digital Marketing For Your B2B

In many cases, large and financially significant organizations have come to us with a web presence that doesn’t match the scale of what they do. When you depend primarily on industry events and networking, your website is often neglected. 

During our website production process, we conduct information architecture exercises to determine the goals of the business and what our clients want to achieve with the website. For B2B, providing assurances to their prospects is the lead driving force behind their decision. That may all change, and fast. Your website can’t simply provide assurance but needs to facilitate the connection with prospects. 

A recent Forbes article cites opportunity for B2B suppliers in an industry that has been slow to adapt to digital marketing. The other benefit is the savings of large financial investment required to participate in industry events and the reduced risk of investing in more cost-effective digital marketing initiatives. 

If you’re a B2B company trying to navigate the digital landscape, feel free to reach out to us directly and ask us any questions you may have. 

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