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A proper PPC campaign will get conversions.

We’re here to bring positive returns!

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

We’ll take care of your clicks.



Pay-Per-Click advertising is a great way to generate traffic to your site, albeit paid. If done right, the ROI will justify the spend! PPC it’s also a great way to build your brand name and collect useful data that you can apply to your organic and social media efforts. Many business owners have tried running their own campaigns with little to no positive returns. We’re here to bring positive returns!

The reality is setting up, running and analysing a PPC account takes time, skill and knowledge. Our PPC team is highly skilled in running a Google AdWords account. So what does that mean? It means we work to maximize each click and driving the most qualified traffic possible.

Our Process

Whether we’re setting up a new account or taking over an existing one we always perform keyword research, ad copy research as well as 30, 60 and 90 day benchmark periods.
It’s important to know which keywords you need to show up for and what ones will work best to trigger your ads. We want relevant keywords and follow best practices to target both exact and modified-broad keywords because these will help reach the most relevant traffic.

It’s important to have ad copy in line with what you’re selling and what the consumer is searching for. Given that competitors may be offering the same or similar products and services we also need a differentiator to really stand out as the choice service.

Benchmarks are necessary to review accounts once we have enough data to make an informed decisions on changes to the account. Even after our benchmark periods end we’re still in the account fine-tuning your ads, keywords and other data in order to improve your click-through rate, overall clicks and make your dollar go further.

What do we have to offer?

Here’s a list of some of the different PPC solutions we integrate into our strategies. Given new opportunities, unique or niche opportunities may exist, and we’re always looking at new platforms to drive traffic to our clients’ sites:

Google AdWords: Using text-based ads we build campaigns to target your products and/or services with ad copy that generates interest in what you’re selling.

Re-Marketing: You know those ads that mysteriously follow you around the internet? That’s Re-Marketing working! A Google product designed to allow us to re-market your ads to users who have previously visited your site and even users who may have an interest in something you have to offer but don’t know your brand as of yet.

Display Ads: Benefiting from our own in-house design team, we build beautiful display ads with a clear offer and call-to-action to drive clicks to your site.

Facebook: We’ll even market your ads on Facebook to drive huge impressions and opportunities to direct traffic to your site or your Facebook page.

LinkedIn: In the B2B space? A great opportunity is to target the decision makers you want. We help you get there.

Why you need to work with nvision.

We have a dynamic PPC team that loves what they do – generating clicks and hearing leads turn into sales. We track various conversion points and consistently work to improve the performance of your account. We bring real, actionable recommendations to you and provide transparent reporting so you see everything that we’ve accomplished and spent. We also make sure your ads are approved before going live and that the tone is consistent of what your clients would expect from you.

Many marketing agencies claim to do Pay-Per-Click. We have increased our clients conversions, click-through-rates and lowered their cost-per-click.

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