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How do you brand and market a surgical procedure?

And what if time is limited due to emerging competition and the digital marketing setbacks that make your site virtually invisible if you’re late to the game? That’s the task we faced when Dr. Scott Gmora approached us to develop a site for The Sleeve Clinic (TSC). Except not even the name was finalized! On top of it all, TSC’s bariatric surgery promotes weight loss, one of the most competitive landscapes on the web, or anywhere. Are you ready for this? Let’s rock!

Client Review

George and his team were top notch from start to finish. The website development process couldn't have been smoother. The results speak for themselves and exceeded my expectations in every way possible. I was also very impressed with how response everyone was to my requests for changes and refinements. Never once did I receive any pushback. I can't recommend this firm enough!

Dr. Scott Gmora
The Sleeve Clinic

The Strategy

With any new enterprise, one of the first hurdles to acceptance is establishing credibility; especially on the web. If it’s new, how do people know it’s going to deliver? And we’re talking surgery here. People don’t want someone “new” with a scalpel in their hands.

Fortunately, Dr. Gmora is one of Canada’s leading weight-loss surgeons. His RateMD score is off-the-scale amazing. With credibility not an issue, all we had to do was set TSC apart in a crowded bariatric surgery and weight loss environment!

Word-of-mouth, or when a customer recommends your product to another, is as powerful a marketing tool as any. It’s why just about every weight-loss pill and potion features a before-and-after pic with an “I lost 40 pounds!” caption. Of course, that wouldn’t cut it for TSC.

But Dr. Gmora’s work and the benefit his patient’s get from it makes for some riveting word-of-mouth that goes way beyond how much weight is lost.

“He is amazing! Saved my life, I am grateful everyday.”

With that powerful second piece in place, we brought in Dr. Gmora’s point that what he really offered was a reinvention of weight loss surgical care. Boom. There was the knockout punch. Credibility? Check! Stand out in the weight loss crowd? Check! Offer a unique value among bariatric surgery clinics? check!

Combined with an efficiently effective digital marketing campaign, The Sleeve Clinic’s new site had clients knocking at the door before the clinic even opened.

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