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Interior Design

Amazing Interior Designs by Professional Interior Designers

Reno Bible was conceived by Gillian Lazanik, an extremely talented interior designer with countless years of experience. When Gillian initially came to us with her vision we immediately embraced it and began formulating how to build out her solution.

This one was going to rock the interior design industry because of the disruptive nature of the solution, right up our alley! The idea behind Reno Bible is to provide end consumer looking to undertake a renovation with creative design solutions that fit their design style and budget.

Client Review

NVISION has an extremely talented, honest and reliable team who helped build an incredible and complex website for my new business. I would highly recommend NVISION for any website design and build.

Gillian Lazanik
Reno Bible

The Strategy

“Get interior design options and recommendations for finishes, fixtures, lighting, appliances, & more, TAILORED FOR YOU – at a price you can’t resist.”

Starting off we needed a robust algorithmic solution which allowed Reno Bible to evaluate the needs of its consumers quickly through a conditional questionnaire which would help define which one of the hundreds of variations would be presented for the clients renovation. Whether it was an entire home, a bathroom or kitchen reno, if the client was into modern design or classical, if the client had a modest budget or was open to spending, our solution needed to be on point to increase the odds of getting the checkout.

The end result is a moving ever shifting solution, evaluating the client’s user experience on the site, how their digesting the products, and what events are being triggered to justify modifications and amendments. So far, Reno has hit the market with a splash, and at the current price points for a fully designed home, the potential they’ve brought to the market is limetless.

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