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Manufacturing Solutions

The Background

Proto3000 is a leading supplier of end-to-end additive manufacturing solutions that apply CAD design, 3D printing, and digital metrology. The company is growing rapidly and must remain at the thought-leading forefront of its industry with an ever-evolving suite of services and products.

Sporting a site designed and built in the early 2010s, Proto3000 approached us to redesign the look, feel and functionality of the site, and give Proto3000 the tools to keep the site up-to-date and as leading-edge as the brand.

The Challenge

The interconnected nature of the website’s architecture, its huge and constantly shifting content load, and its user experience made planning the site structure the first and perhaps biggest challenge. It all started with the need for a product database to manage the many product lines, technologies and suppliers.

The UX needed to efficiently cater to a wide range of niche markets, from healthcare to automotive. It also needed to let customers order “as-a-Service” or purchase outright; and use a diversified menu to shop peripheral products, including parts, accessories and 3D printing materials.

The Solution

Even with a clear understanding of where we needed to go, and how to get there, pulling all the pieces together in the most cost-efficient way called for its own strategic approach.

With one eye constantly on the objective, we executed the following solutions:


  • Build a Propietary Database
    With the demands on the database, it made more sense to custom tailor a new one, versus trying to shoehorn the requirements into an off-the-shelf version.


  • Develop a Scalable, Modular, Sustainable Design
    In addition to graphic design that reflects the leading-edge branding, the site’s structure has the flexibility to be reconfigured and updated. And there’s a regular maintenance program to keep it operating efficiently.
  • Put the Client in Control of the Site
    More than just changing some words, Proto3000’s web team can update the site with custom page layouts, add custom building blocks, and control various settings, including spacing, colours, text formatting and more.


  • Accelerate the Sales Process
    The site features built-in third-party app integrations. For sales, it means when a Quote Request is received, the information is automatically ported directly to Proto3000’s CRM so sales reps can act on it immediately.


  • Streamline the UX
    Using a Mega-Menu, content sliders, and tabbed and accordion content, the site lets web visitors from Proto3000’s diverse client base quickly and easily find the information and solutions they want.
  • Deliver Full Featured E-Commerce
    It’s easy to add, remove and modify SKUs. It offers a wide range of payment options. It’s capable of displaying real-time product information. And it has the analytics reporting for informed decision making on improvements.


  • Develop Digital Marketing Tools & Programs
    Combining paid marketing, organic SEO and sustained content marketing, Proto3000’s digital marketing program keeps their brand current, top-of-mind and on the leading edge.
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