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How Email Marketing Can Increase Your Sales

Marino Marks

Campaign Manager, Email & CRM


Mar. 18, 2021

For business owners, the search for alternatives to increase sales is a permanent job. But let’s face it. The cost per lead has risen dramatically during the past years, turning this goal harder and way more expensive to achieve.

The digital marketing environment is increasingly becoming the primary source of new customers for any kind of business. However, the astronomical cost for some keywords in a google search, for instance, has pushed entrepreneurs looking for alternatives to minimize their cost per lead. 

Consequently, this move has increased the interest in Email Marketing as a strategic and effective option to leverage engagement and increase conversions.

Email Marketing offers the lowest cost per lead compared to any other marketing channel, such as social media, SEO, or paid media. Although it helps, a lower cost in this equation won’t be the most important factor. Email marketing has more to offer, helping you increase your sales.

There are a couple of factors when considering Email Marketing as an option to increase your sales. Let’s take a look at them in detail.


Breaking down the sales message 

To succeed, you need a strong sales pitch. A sales message that explains and illustrates what you offer, how you can make your customer’s life better and how they can buy from you. A lot of stuff to say, no? Well, your website should explain in detail the answer to these basic questions.

The problem is that these three questions cover all expectations for a prospect who is ready to buy, but unfortunately, not all of them who landed for the first time on your website are ready to click on “Shop here.”

Some of them just heard about you, and they are looking for more information. Others are familiar with your brand but are looking for more evidence to make a decision. Finally, the third group is ready to buy and searching for how they can buy from you.

That’s why Email Marketing can help you increase your sales, breaking down the sales message, delivering into your prospect mailbox the right message at the right timing.

As a business owner, you might expect that most of the leads who will land on your website will buy from you, but the reality is different. They will need more information about your product or service to consider your brand as one of their options based on their needs.

Email Marketing can help you build this relationship. You will deliver the required information to clarify your prospect’s questions while building trust around your offer along an email sequence.


Building trust 

In alignment with the previous topic, trust plays a critical role in any kind of relationship. And when it comes down to business, trust is paramount. No trust, no business.

Email Marketing can help you out with clarifying your sales message in turn, making your prospect’s life much easier. People are looking for clarity on how your product or service can make their life better.

Do you remember when you were looking for more information about a product or service, and you couldn’t find it? How frustrating was it? Probably very. That’s what needs to be avoided. Email Marketing can support your marketing efforts by answering customer questions, which progressively will increase the level of trust in you.

Real cases, testimonials, how it works info guides, videos, infographics, there are a lot of content formats you can share using email. You can reframe the same message in different ways according to your audience’s needs and preferences.


Boosting your website traffic

As I mentioned above, your website should be your sales-hub. The place where your customers can find all the answers to all questions and doubts they might have. But the website itself won’t be able to reach your audience to execute its primary role. 

Like paid media, social and SEO, among other alternatives, Email Marketing brings to this equation the capacity to boost your website traffic, connecting your audience with all the answers they are looking for on your website.

Email Marketing plays a different kind of role in this task for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, because it has the flexibility to guide your prospect to every single piece of content available about your brand on social media, your blog post, or on your website.

Secondly, you have 100% control over the frequency you will communicate with your audience. With Email Marketing, you own your list. If tomorrow Facebook or Google increases their cost per lead or for any reason they disappear, guess what? With email, you will stay on the game with no dependencies on them.

In other words, the frequency of your emails and the power connecting other digital marketing efforts creates a snowball effect that definitely will boost your website traffic increasing your sales.


Final thoughts

Obviously, there are other ways of how Email Marketing can increase your sales, but these topics are a great starting point. 

The flexibility and lower cost per lead than other digital marketing alternatives turn Email Marketing an essential component in your strategy to increase your sales.

For more expert email marketing tips and how you can apply and succeed in your business, contact us today!


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