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Why Your Company Needs Google My Business


Madison Mesquita Digital Marketing Coordinator

Google My Business (GMB) gives your company an opportunity to list important information on Google. You can include your business hours, address, phone numbers, website, services and more. This way, users can see beneficial information when your company comes up in Google search results. It can even sway a user to visit your website. And, it is a free tool!

Here is why your company needs Google My Business.

Improves SEO

GMB gives your company the opportunity to rank higher in Google. It increases your visibility and your chances of ranking higher for keywords. Providing in-depth and accurate information on your GMB allows Google to do its role in helping your company’s SEO.

Showcases Online Reviews

Many of your potential customers will go online looking for reviews to make informed buying decisions. You want to make sure your company’s products or services are highly recommended to promote a sale. GMB has a reviews section where users can give their feedback. Google takes these reviews into consideration when deciding where your company will rank. So it is wise to have reviews listed not only for ranking, but for your company’s reputation.

Drives Online Traffic

If a user sees that your company is reputable with legitimate reviews, it can lead to them visiting your website. That can encourage users to get in touch with your company and make it easier to convert sales. You may also find that clients visit your store or book consultations or appointments more. The more traffic you receive, the better it is for your company.

So, be sure to provide as much information as possible on your GMB so users are enticed to visit your page and possibly purchase products or services,  or contact your company.

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